What Makes a Woman Attractive to a Man? The Research May Surprise You

Dr. Susan Edelman
5 min readFeb 25, 2023

What are men attracted to in a woman? We often assume we know what the other sex is looking for in a partner. Our culture constantly bombards us with messages about what people find attractive in the opposite sex.The problem begins when you think you know what men want, but you can’t live up to the beauty standards of our culture. None of us can conform to beauty ideals that have become increasingly unrealistic and unattainable. Fortunately, when you look at the research, what we believe men are attracted to is not actually the case. You can stop worrying about whether you’ll end up alone because you don’t look a certain way. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to solve your beauty dilemma. The people who sell the products just want you to think you need them.

We can focus so much on physical attributes that we forget the many qualities that men find attractive that have nothing to do with appearance. They can be attracted to your intelligence, personality, and kind heart as well as many other traits.

All men are not the same so there is a great deal of variation regarding what men find and don’t find attractive, as it is for women. But when you’re dating and looking for Mr. Right, you want to know how to attract a man. You want to showcase your best features. So, it would be nice to know what Mr. Right finds sexy to know what to focus on more, right?

So how can we really know what men find attractive and start combating some of those false beliefs that have been with us for so long? Well, luckily, in these modern times, we actually have lots of research to give us a better idea of what men really want.

Check out the top 5 false beliefs about what traits men find attractive in women, according to research:

#1: Very Thin

You can never be too rich or too thin. Words of wisdom that have been on women’s (and men’s) minds for years, but when it comes to the thin part, research seems to disagree.

Mind you, there is a 71 billion dollar industry that desperately wants this saying to be true. The weight loss industry has lots to gain from making women feel like they constantly need a lower BMI to make themselves attractive. Even if research shows 95% of diets…



Dr. Susan Edelman

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