Looking for Mr. Right? How to Attract a Man Like a Magnet

Dr. Susan Edelman
5 min readAug 26, 2023

Have you noticed that beautiful women often struggle with their love lives too? Although we’re told that we should be sexy and beautiful to attract a good man, there’s much more to it than that. Of course, how you look matters, but in the grand scheme of things, other qualities are much more important.Why spend a lot of time and money trying to improve your appearance if beauty improvements don’t move the needle when it comes to attracting and keeping the right man?

Having beauty treatments can be fun for some of us, while changing your mindset and having the discipline to alter your behavior can be difficult. But, if you’re having any trouble attracting men, it’s definitely worth considering the more difficult path.

These are the critical basics that you need to know that will help you attract a man like a magnet:

1. Have fun.

When you approach dating as a fun activity and way to meet new people, you’re lot more fun as a date. When you’re obviously looking for Mr. Right, you can come off as desperate or needy and the date will not be as light-hearted. The last thing you want to do is grill him about his last relationship and his plans for the future as though he was being interviewed for a job. How can he enjoy himself on such a high-pressure date?

2. Be busy so you take it slow.

When you first start the process of meeting and dating a man, it is very important for you to pace the relationship. When you’re genuinely busy with your life, this happens naturally. You have other plans and he’ll have to find times when you are available to see him. Too many women are afraid to discourage a man by making him wait. They fear he’ll look for another woman. Of course, it’s true that some men will disappear from your life if you slow things down, but if you do it effectively, the right man for you won’t be dissuaded by having to wait. In fact, he’ll start showing powerful signs of male attraction because he’ll be worried that you’re dating someone else. The men who aren’t that into you or who don’t want commitment may figure they will do better elsewhere, but they are not Mr. Right. When men narrow the dating pool for you in this way, it becomes clearer who your best prospects are.



Dr. Susan Edelman

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