How to Set Standards in Dating and Build Self-Confidence

Dr. Susan Edelman
5 min readNov 11, 2023

Sandra has a great career and wonderful friends, but she feels discouraged with her dating life. When she finally meets a man she really likes, he starts to take her for granted and the relationship fizzles out. This pattern is starting to eat away at her confidence. Other women don’t seem to have the same problems with men. Sandra doesn’t understand why this keeps happening to her.

Do you know what Sandra’s problem with dating is? She lets men take her for granted.

It may not be easy to find Mr. Right, but you don’t have to let men take you for granted. When you’re familiar with healthy dating boundaries and you know about setting dating standards, you know you don’t have to let any man take you for granted. If done well, this also keeps the sizzle in a good relationship with the right man.

How do you feel when you aren’t treated well by a man?

To have some confidence in yourself and have a happy dating life, it doesn’t matter if you are successful in your career or other areas of your life. When you spend time with men who don’t treat you well, odds are you will not feel very empowered or successful. These negative feelings can bring you down. But it doesn’t have to be like this.

You can change your perspective on your dating life so that you don’t accept suboptimal treatment from men or let it affect your self-confidence. How can you approach dating from a new direction to start getting the sort of super treatment from men that you deserve? You can discover how to empower yourself in a relationship.

Two Women with Two Very Different Dating Strategies

If a man you’re dating doesn’t show you the sort of respect or effort you expect, that’s his problem not yours. But, if you put up with behavior you don’t like, then you have a problem. You have the choice of staying with that man and allowing him to hurt your self-confidence or cutting your ties.

You can empower yourself to make decisions about your love life and men based on how well they treat you, without worrying about losing them or being alone. The following stories are about two women who were faced with the same situation with men whose behavior they didn’t like. One woman didn’t know how to…



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