When it comes to dating, finding a “keeper” can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. Then, when we finally meet a great guy, the excitement can spiral into a fear of losing him. If we worry so much about keeping the relationship moving in the right direction, we can drive ourselves crazy with questions about how to proceed. When should I text him? What if I text too much and scare him off? What if I don’t text enough and seem uninterested? Sometimes it can feel like one wrong step could derail everything.

So how do you keep a keeper?

  1. Appreciate him. If he does nice things for you, thank him. Tell him that you enjoy being around him. Men like to know that they are doing a good job of making you happy. They want to be your hero. Make him feel appreciated. If you don’t appreciate, admire, or respect him, maybe he’s not the guy for you or maybe you’re not ready for a relationship.

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Have you ever felt nervous about losing a great guy? How did you handle the experience? I’d love to hear from you. Please share your experiences in the comments below and on Facebook and Twitter.

You can do this. Join the revolution. Be your own Brand of Sexy and get what you want.

Originally published at https://beyourownbrandofsexy.com on October 27, 2015.

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