How to Find a Nice Man to Date: The 10 Best Ways to Meet Men

Dr. Susan Edelman
5 min readNov 4, 2023

After Stephanie’s divorce, she became concerned when she discovered how hard it was to meet single men to date. Her work discouraged dating coworkers, and she didn’t want to work with anyone she dated anyway. She felt it would be too complicated. What if they broke up and she had to see him at work every day? She asked her friends to fix her up, but they didn’t know anyone. “What more can I do?” she wondered.

Do you also wonder, “How do I find a nice man?”

Many women seem to think that they might magically meet a man while doing their typical daily routine that usually ends by watching TV at home alone. Unfortunately, this isn’t a very effective strategy for meeting anyone once you’re out of school.

So, what are your best strategies for finding a nice man once you’re over a certain age?

1- Expand Your Social Circle.

To meet the right man, it’s best to expand your horizons. You want to increase your chances of crossing paths with like-minded people, including potential partners. It’s a good idea to attend events and join social groups that align with your interests, whether it’s art, fitness, or community service. The more social contacts you have, the greater your chances of meeting someone special.

2- Online Dating with Purpose.

Online dating is a powerful tool when it’s used wisely. Invest time in creating a genuine, compelling profile. Be selective about the men you meet in person so that you can protect your heart and your time. Use reputable dating sites known for attracting mature, serious-minded individuals. Just see it as one more way to create opportunities to meet men.

3- Attend Workshops and Classes.

Do you want to meet men who share your interests? Enrolling in workshops or classes about the things you love might help you accomplish that. Whether it’s cooking, dancing, or learning a new language, these settings provide a comfortable environment for connection and conversation.

4- Volunteer for a Cause.

Volunteering not only contributes to your community but also introduces you to kind-hearted people who have some free time. By supporting a cause that you’re…



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