How Empowering Yourself Can Improve Your Love Life

Dr. Susan Edelman
5 min readOct 28, 2023

Shelly felt like she was getting nowhere with dating. Either she wasn’t interested in the men she was dating, or they weren’t into her. She felt like she was never going to find that man who was the right fit, that needle in the haystack. It was so discouraging! She didn’t understand why it wasn’t working for her, but she knew something was wrong because her friends seemed to have more success with dating.

What is Shelly’s problem?

Shelly is having trouble being herself with men.

How can a man feel a real connection with you if he doesn’t have a genuine feeling for who you are?

When you’re a “people-pleaser,” this can be a problem. Unfortunately, many women are raised to be good girls and put others’ needs first. If you feel the need to hide potential disagreements, then you’re likely not letting your true opinion or voice be heard. Having some power might not come naturally to you. And if it feels uncomfortable, it’s easy to miss the many benefits that power can bring to your love life.

Power is often an emotionally charged word, and many women do not feel very comfortable with it. After all, empowering yourself can cause conflict with someone, and that can be scary for many of us. But here’s the thing: conflict isn’t always bad. Not shying away from conflict can cause a man to be a lot more interested in you.

If it’s done right. It’s not about picking a fight with him.

Hold on. Can conflict really be appealing to a man?

Think about it. How can a man fall for you if he doesn’t know who you are? He may sense that you might be hiding something from him or yourself, and that’s why you avoid discussing certain things. There’s nothing wrong with being a little mysterious, but it’s in your best interest to let him have a feel for who you are.

Let’s explore the 5 ways that empowering yourself can improve your love life:

1- Flirting Gets Easier and More Fun.

Ask yourself this: how can you be truly playful or tease a man if you are worried about him getting upset with you? It can be exhausting to always have to edit your words or actions because you’re constantly wondering if they will end up…



Dr. Susan Edelman

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