Do You Hate Playing Games with Men? Here’s How to Avoid It.

Dr. Susan Edelman
5 min readSep 15, 2023

Many women are conflicted about making plans to get what they want from men. Does it make you nervous to talk about strategies with dating and relationships? Some women argue that standing up for yourself or having any strategy is playing games with men or is manipulation in relationships, while others swear by these methods to navigate the complex world of dating and love. One example of a strategy is standing up for yourself by setting boundaries with men. We’ll discuss how to implement this strategy in this article. In my experience, having a strategic approach in relationships isn’t just practical; it’s necessary. It can prevent you from playing guessing games with men about where they stand or feeling manipulated.

If strategies are so useful, why do they have such a bad reputation? Critics argue that they can make interactions feel fake or manipulative. However, when done right, a strategy is a tool that enhances authenticity by guiding you toward partners who share your values and aspirations. Doing what works for you is being your best self and living your best life. That’s genuine, not fake. You can’t manipulate a man. Either he wants to be with you and make you happy or he doesn’t.

Some people are simply uncomfortable with being more powerful. Making a stand can bring up any fears of conflict. If you disagree or say ‘no” to someone, you might be afraid of rejection or that he won’t like you.

Let’s take Wendy for example.

Wendy doesn’t believe in strategies because she doesn’t want to play games with men. When she met Robert, they really hit it off. Lately Robert assumes that they’ll “hang out” rather than go out. Also, he never offers to come to her place, so she’s always making the drive to his apartment. She’s afraid to bring up her concerns and rock the boat because she prefers having a boyfriend to being single again.

Standing up for herself could help Wendy navigate this problem in her relationship with Robert. How could it help her? Here are the different ways that it can help you and Wendy be more successful in your dating and relationship journey:

1- Makes decisions easier.

Unspoken rules or strategies guide our decisions like a roadmap, helping us…



Dr. Susan Edelman

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