The Amazing Benefits of Playing Hard to Get the Right Way When Dating

Why You Should You Play Hard to Get When Dating: 5 Ways to Do It Right

Why Dating Strategies are Protecting Your Heart, Not Manipulation

“Playing hard to get” is a very old dating strategy women have relied on for centuries, but in the modern world of dating, many believe it to be a bit passe. Women now distance themselves from this approach because they don’t want to play games with the men they are dating, as it seems a bit manipulative.

So a lot of them go the complete opposite with the “date like men” approach where they simply go after what…

Tell me if this sounds familiar:

You are swamped with work when a colleague comes and asks for your help. You say yes. Or, you go out with a friend and decide to see a movie. You would like to see a thriller but she loves romantic comedies. You say yes even though you think they are very cheesy and don’t really like them. Your cousin is moving and asked for your help. You had plans already so you tell him you can’t do it. …

3 Tips to Turn Your Negative Thoughts around

Are You a Worrier? These 3 Reliable Steps Will Calm Your Mind

Tell me if this sounds familiar:

You are at work, and your boss seems a bit annoyed. You immediately start thinking:

“He’s probably upset because I didn’t do a very good job. What if he fires me? How fast can I find another job? How will I pay rent? What if I can’t find another job for a long time?”

Next thing you know, your mind is spiraling with all sorts of ideas and concerns.

If this scenario sounds too familiar, then you are a worrier.

Don’t get the wrong idea: some…

Dealing with Criticism — 7 Ways to React That Will Help You Grow

How to Handle the Sting of Criticism with Grace: 7 Helpful Tips

7 Effective Ways to Handle Criticism Without Getting Defensive

I don’t think there’s anyone out there who enjoys criticism. It is in our nature to want to be right and be drawn to like-minded people. But, the truth is that, more often than not, those who disagree with us are the ones who help us grow.

If you don’t care about building a relationship with anyone, then it doesn’t really matter if you handle criticism poorly. But if you want your partner, boss, colleagues, friends, or family…

Avoid This Risky Mistake So You Can Get a Second Date

How to Get Answers from Your Date without Interrogating Him: 3 Effective Ways

Picture this:

You are on a date, are sitting at a table waiting for your dinner and you are eager to learn more about the person in front of you.

So, you start asking him questions:

“Where are you from?”

“Do you have any siblings?”

“What did you study?”

“What do you do for a living?”

“How tall are you?”

Men don’t like it when you grill them on dates. They can feel like they are in a job interview rather than a pleasant encounter with an interesting woman…

Are you ready for your love and dating teacher?

When the Student Is Ready: 3 Signs You Are Ready for Your Love Teacher

Have you ever heard the old saying, “When the student is ready, the teacher will arrive?” People debate the origins of this wise saying, but it’s a helpful lesson on your path to finding love.

How do you know when you are ready?

The dating world is full of opportunities, but the truth is that a lot of people are not quite ready to take them. They sign up for dating sites and never meet anyone. Or they delay signing up because they are waiting until they lose 10 pounds or…

3 Basic Flirting Tips and Why They’re Important to Your Love Life

How to Flirt: These 3 Fundamental Tips will Boost Your love life

3 Crucial Flirting Tricks to Take Your Love Life from Good to Great

Have you ever heard the saying, “Exploring the unknown requires tolerating uncertainty.”? The world of dating is no different. In an era filled with numerous ways to meet, interact, and formulate relationships, the road to a love life is not so straightforward.

From Tinder and Instagram all the way to meeting through friends, dating has transformed into a complex yet opportunity-filled process for men and women alike.

What initiates those moments, though? The answer is…

Ever Been Rejected by a Man? Why It Happened and How to Learn from It

3 Top Reasons Men Reject You and What You Can Do About Them

Reasons Why It Might Be a Good Thing He Rejected You

Most of us are familiar with the sinking feeling of getting rejected. It’s a feeling no one likes.

Unfortunately, dating means that you will get rejected quite often. But, if you want to find the right person, then you need to understand that it does not usually happen the moment when you stick your toe in the dating pool and start dating again. …

How Hidden Power Might Affect the Gates Divorce and You

How Hidden Power and Influence Can Help Us Understand the Gates Divorce

How Unhealthy Power Dynamics Can Hurt Your Relationship

By now, you probably heard already that Bill Gates and his wife Melinda French Gates are getting divorced.

Divorces can be incredibly painful even when both parties agree it’s the best solution. Having every gory detail plastered on every media outlet can make things even more difficult than they already are.

Nobody really knows what goes on behind closed doors in a marriage and we can’t tell for certain whether media reports are accurate. I can only speculate about the reasons for…

Are You Ready to Start Dating Again? 5 Tips for Dating Reentry Success

The Best Time for Dating Reentry Is Now. Here’s How to Do It

How to Get Yourself out into the Dating World Again

Dating during a global pandemic does not seem like the safest thing in the world, so a lot of people have put their love life on hold for a while.

And that makes a lot of sense: when experts tell us the safest thing we can do to protect ourselves is to keep our distance from others, that puts even your love life into a different perspective. To a certain extent, all of our lives have been…

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