These Men Are Trouble If You Want Happily Ever After

Want to find your happily ever after? Then, it’s all about finding the right partner!

The right partner is a real man who’s comfortable with who he is and knows what he brings into a relationship. He is confident and…

Are You Acting Like a Prize with Men When You Are Dating and in Relationships?

When you are looking for a solid relationship, one of the most important things to pay attention to is if you are valued and treasured by your man. The way you approach every date with…

How to Build Intimacy with a Man with the Right Kind of Compliments

One of the most powerful skills in your toolbox of charms is your ability to compliment a man.

But, how and to whom you give those compliments matters a lot.

You don’t want to compliment every man…

How to Build Self-Discipline in Life and Love

Whether you want to lose weight, stop procrastinating, or change your behaviors with men, you will need some self-discipline.

Is that a problem for you?

Don’t worry. You can develop the skill of self-discipline the way you can other skills. …

How to Tell if He is Seeing Others

So, you’ve met this guy and went on a few dates with him. Things were going well, but now you have this nagging feeling that something is off. “Is he seeing someone else?” you keep wondering to yourself.

Maybe you’ve been cheated…

How to Find Romance Success by Setting Healthy Dating Boundaries

We live in a culture that encourages us to share most aspects of our lives. …

7 Ways You Can Turn Off a Man If You Aren’t Careful

Although women and men are equal in many regards, we cannot ignore some of the things that set us apart. For example, the way we communicate.

Just think about the way you behave around your girlfriends. You probably…

The New Variant and Dating: How to Handle the Risks

Looking for Love: How to Handle the Latest Confusing Risks

Just when you thought there could be light at the end of the tunnel, the Covid-19 pandemic has taken yet another turn that makes matters a lot more complicated. …

The 3 Great Secrets to Finding the Relationship of Your Dreams

How Some Women Get the Relationship They Want (And You Can Too!)

Do you ever wonder how some women get the relationship they want? What are they doing that makes such a difference when others stay single or deal with frequent breakups?

It’s simple: they make good dating decisions.

A lot…

The Amazing Benefits of Playing Hard to Get the Right Way When Dating

Why You Should You Play Hard to Get When Dating: 5 Ways to Do It Right

Why Dating Strategies are Protecting Your Heart, Not Manipulation

“Playing hard to get” is a very old dating strategy women have relied on for centuries, but in the modern world of dating, many believe it to be…

Dr. Susan Edelman

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