7 Early Signs He’s Not the One for You When Dating

Dr. Susan Edelman
5 min readMay 13

As a single woman, you know how hard it can be to find a man who feels like the right fit. And, when you finally meet a man who you feel that special connection with, it’s easy to overlook a few issues that could make your relationship complicated. Although you feel really attracted to him, maybe you can’t shake off the feeling that something isn’t right.

Unfortunately, those little red flags you may want to ignore in the early stages of love are usually the cause of your heartache later. The good news is that it is possible for you to prevent the heartache of a relationship that has gone sour, leaving you with regret and sorrow.

So, it’s important to take a step back and consider what’s really important to you in a relationship. When you’re crystal clear on what’s important to you, you’ll be able to avoid the pain and disappointment that comes with a relationship that’s not meant to be. That way, you can focus on building strong, lasting partnerships that bring you joy and fulfillment “Is he the right one for me?” will become a much easier question to answer.

If you are truly ready to find lasting love, then you want to filter out men who aren’t a good fit. That will speed up the process of finding the relationship you want. Being ready determines your ability to find and sustain a relationship.

Here are 7 of the signs he’s not the one for you:

1- Rebound

If either or both of you have recently ended a relationship, you might try to get into another one too quickly. Of course, it’s understandable that you want companionship if you’re feeling lonely. But you don’t want to avoid grieving the loss by getting into a new relationship too soon because you won’t be emotionally available which makes your new relationship quite bumpy.

If you’re widowed or divorced, it can take a year or more to be healed and ready for a relationship.

So, watch out for signs of rebound: he tells you he’s just out of a relationship, talks about his ex all the time, isn’t fully connecting with you, or is hot and cold with you.

Be honest with yourself. These are signs that he’s not the one for you.

Dr. Susan Edelman

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