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Life can be downright bleak sometimes. No matter how good you had it until now or how many hardships you’ve endured so far, we all have moments when we feel like giving up.

Maybe your relationship isn’t all sunshine and daisies. Or maybe you’re single and feeling overwhelmed while looking for a partner and you may start wondering why you bother to keep trying. There are moments when you make a mistake that has negative consequences or you lose someone you love. Struggling with financial problems or health challenges can become overwhelming too.

So, I get it if sometimes you…

5 Simple Tips to Succeed at Pandemic Dating and Find Love

Romance in the Time of Covid: How to Succeed at Pandemic Dating

The Pandemic Dating Game: 5 Tips to Master It and Find Love

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Saying that this last year has been hard it’s an understatement. And, if you’ve been single through isolation, then you’ve probably faced a distinct set of challenges.

Understandably, we are eager to see the light at the end of the tunnel with the pandemic. …

Dating Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult:

The 5 Essential Mindset Shifts You Need to Make to Find Love | Be Your Own Brand of Sexy

Enjoy Dating by Mastering Your Mindset

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It’s no wonder dating is such an emotional process. Not only do you have to contend with awkward conversations and an utter lack of chemistry, but some dates can be truly duds. And, if that wasn’t bad enough, those problems are just the tip of the iceberg.

When you meet someone you like, the stakes get even higher. All your insecurities pop up to remind you that you are competing with more beautiful, successful, and younger prospects. …

Dating Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

5 Quick Ways to Change Your Love Life for the Better

How to Get Unstuck with Dating NOW!

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Sometimes, dating life doesn’t get you to the place you want fast enough. In fact, at times you can feel like you’re stuck in a loop of bad dates and relationships that go nowhere. And judging from a lot of comments I’ve seen from a lot of my readers lately, a lot of you are facing this very issue.

You want to find a nice man, but you don’t know how to actually make it happen. You don’t know exactly where to start, or where you can…

Dating and Relationships Advice:

10 Questions That Will Help You Improve Your Love Life

How to Find Love by Asking the Right Questions

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Improving your love life can be tricky, and it mostly has to do with how we approach this process.

Let me ask you this:

What do you do if you’ve been through a rough patch and can’t seem to sort out your love life?

Most probably, you blame your lack of success on factors like appearance, confidence, or lack of options. It’s simpler to justify your disappointments like this, but it’s not very effective. …

How to Find Success with Dating and Relationships | Mindset

10 Negative Thoughts You Can Overcome

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We put a lot of pressure on ourselves when it comes to dating, which can lead to negative thoughts. It’s not surprising that sometimes a simple, casual date feels more important than it needs to. Here’s the thing: a few bad dates don’t mean that you will end up alone. But, you do need to understand what’s holding you back if you always seem to have lousy experiences.

A lot of the women I talk to think they know what the problem is and why they are not successful in their dating process. …

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Your partner screwed up. He really blew it. You are fuming with anger and disappointment.

Before you act, take a few seconds to think about your next steps carefully.

We are fed this idea of a perfect man that always gets, always knows what to say, and never messes up. But real men, even the best of them can sometimes screw up.

To err is human and we are all guilty of that. Nobody’s perfect and the man you’re dating or in a serious relationship with will eventually make a mistake at some point. …

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Picture this: you’ve just met someone and your chemistry is through the roof. He’s not the most reliable man and you know deep in your heart that he’s not a good match long-term.

But, what harm can a brief relationship do? You’re just having a bit of fun, right?

Many women don’t consider the toll a short term relationship can take on them. They just think he’s cute or think they have a lot in common. Or maybe they’re having a dating dry spell and think someone to date is better than no one at all. …

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Answer this:

How many men have you met who aren’t looking for commitment or who can’t seem to commit even when they say it’s what they want?

It’s probably quite a few.

After a while, it can get downright discouraging. You might have even started to believe that ALL men are commitment-phobic, but that simply isn’t true. Even though many men don’t want commitment or are players, there are plenty of good men out there looking for committed, long-term relationships. You just have to be able to figure out if he’s one of those keepers and how to get him…

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The Best Solution to a Struggling Love Life

I’ll be honest with you.

There’s a lot that goes into building a happy love life, but making good decisions about what to do on your dating and relationship path is perhaps one of the most important skills you need.

If you are here to learn more about building a happy love life, then you should rejoice: I have some great tips for you.

But first..

Unfortunately, there can be a lot of confusion about making decisions regarding dating and relationships. So, let’s make a few things clear

A Little Psychology to…

Dr. Susan Edelman

Modern dating isn’t working for so many women. Want to meet a nice man & learn the secrets to get dating to work for you? Take this quiz:

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